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Virtual Reality

Futurist Games open from 10 a.m. during school vacations

Welcome travelers, enter Futurist Games Brussels and prepare to experience a virtual reality mission through time and space. Go on an adventure with your partner, family or friends in augmented reality virtual worlds. There are many missions to choose from: collaborative VR experiences, escape games, and even confrontation for the toughest among you.
With some thirty VR activities and games, Futurist Games will take you out of Brussels for a virtual reality session!
So, are you ready to start your Futurist Games journey?

Off-peak rate (per person)


Monday to Friday before 6pm. Excluding weekends, school vacations and public holidays*.

Peak rate (per person)


Valid on weekends, school vacations and public holidays. Valid after 6pm on weekdays.

DurationAllow 1h20 on site
10 min explanation
60 min of RV
2 to 3 activities in 60 min
ContactEvents and privatization

✆ +32 470 11 34 46

Address16 Boulevard de l’Empereur
1000 Brussels
AccessBrussels Central Station


Virtual Zone






25 €

/ hour per player

– 1 to 13 simultaneous players
– Individual space
– From age 7







15 €

/ half-hour per player

– 2 to 6 players simultaneously
– Great Hall
– From age 12

Guaranteed playtime at Futurist Games

Guaranteed playing time (excluding explanations)

Happy hours from 15 euros

Happy hours from €15

50% discount on Arena at Futurist Games

– 50% off Arena in-store if you book the virtual zone online

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3 living spaces for your events and private functions

Three living spaces for your events and private functions

virtual reality - cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology

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Virtual games

Discover more than 25 breathtaking games and activities

Escape Room

Escape room réalité virtuelle

Escape from one of our escapes games and become the master of the game

Action Games

Jeux réalité virtuelle

Challenge your friends and family, work together and fight in the most realistic worlds.


Experience futurist games

Let yourself be tempted by our most surprising VR experiences


Hada ElongaHada Elonga
09:28 30 Jun 24
Great experience
Lina KostovskaLina Kostovska
10:57 26 Jun 24
Céline GenonCéline Genon
14:24 25 Jun 24
1) Great first experience:We had reserved 1 hour in Virtual Zone for 5 people. Based on the advice, we chose two games (each 30min): Survival + An arena game in the air (ask for a stool if you are afraid of heights or lose your balance). Adrenaline and laughter guaranteed! Quality image resolution.2) Downsides:- Brief information on the rules and operation of the game (which key activates what). Discovery of games independently.- Equipment not quite functional/operational but staff is responsive to make the necessary changes and adjustments. Possible delay on schedule but no real inconvenience.3) Tips:- Pre-choose the games via the site because there is no booklet on site which presents the different games.- Lentils are better. Myopic, my glasses were bothering me and my vision was blurry.- It's hot so put on a t-shirt and avoid makeup ;)- Easily accessible from the Square Albertine Interparking.- Eat after and not before to avoid being “sick”.We will come back !
Thierrin AlexandreThierrin Alexandre
13:31 24 May 24
Tatiana WarzéeTatiana Warzée
08:38 17 May 24
Great experience and the person who took care of us was great!Thank you so much !
Stéphane ArnoldStéphane Arnold
11:47 11 May 24
A truly exotic experience with particularly strong adrenaline rushes. The staff is friendly. Only small problem: we don't see the time passing...A big congratulations!
A. ThirA. Thir
15:42 07 May 24
Great for a first VR experience.

What you need to know about virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the term used to describe devices that digitally simulate an environment using a computer. Depending on the technologies used, it enables users to experience a virtual world through their various senses: most often sight, but also touch, hearing and smell.
The minimum recommended age is 7. Why is this? Quite simply because virtual reality, like traditional video games, has age restrictions set by the developers.
No! We choose activities that are specially designed to put the well-being of our customers at the heart of the experience. So you won't experience any ‘motion sickness’, unlike poor-quality content.
No! We have foam protectors specially adapted for people wearing glasses.
Yes, we currently offer activities that allow up to 10 players to play simultaneously. However, if there are more than 10 of you, we can offer you different solutions. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Yes, we have several private areas where you can relax and wait in comfort.
Happy Hours: Enjoy reduced rates (€25 instead of €30 for the Virtual Zone and €15 instead of €20 for the Arena) from Tuesday to Friday until 6pm, excluding school holidays and public holidays.Promo: If you book 1 hour of Virtual Zone online, you'll get a 50% discount on the Arena!More information at futuristgames.be/our-promotions
No, you can get an overview of the activities we offer on our website, but you don't have to choose anything in advance. Our team will suggest activities to suit your preferences.
You can currently try out around thirty different activities and games. You can find most of our activities on our website.We regularly update our games, so don't hesitate to follow us on social networks to keep up to date with the latest news!
You can book your playing time quickly at https://futuristgames.be/booking/. If you have any special requests or would like help, don't hesitate to call +32 465 352 646 / +32 513 248 8.